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【All-you-can-eat with unlimited time】 All-you-can-eat menu of carefully selected 85 items! | For banquets and parties ♪ 3480 yen

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  • 85items
  • 2-100persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    All you can drink draft beer!

Feel free to eat and drink all ♪

Course menu


【Superb gem】 Beijing duck, stir-fried Beijing duck meat, char-fried barbecue

【Appetizer】 Piece of sand liquor / Vegetable pickled in sweet and vinegar / Steamed chicken cold / Banbanzi

Pork ear cooler / Petan (salted eggs of ducks) / Kimchi / Zazai

【Seafood】 Prawn mayonnaise of shrimp / stir-fried shrimp and egg / boiled squid's chilli sauce

Stir frying squid and vegetables / special cut in squid special leek sauce / lemon sauce of white fish / sweet vinegar of white fish

【Meat】 Stir fry pork and garlic sprout / stir-fry leavanra / boiled pork belly (with steamed bread)

Soba / Stir-fried miso with pork and cabbage / Deep-fried chicken with sesame

Young chicken lemon sauce / stir-fried sand liver / stir-fried chicken and cashew nut

【Tofu / vegetables】 Sichuan style Mahorboah draft / ordinary Mahboodorf

MARBONAS / Stir-fry Vegetable / Stir-frying Seasonal Vegetables

【Soup · rice · noodles】 shark fin soup with crab meat / shark's fin soup

Corn soup / Tan Tumen / Charapphorn / One Tanmen

[Rice] Mabo tofu cracker fried rice / five-rice fried rice / five season sennei yakisoba

Boiled pork belly / rice soup rice / Petan's porridge / scalloped porridge

【Dim Size】 Pork Shumai (2 pcs.) Shrimp Shumai (2 pcs.) Baked Bar Dumplings (2 pieces)

Spring roll (2 pieces) Shandong Feng dumplings (4 pieces) Soup entrailed dumplings (3 pieces) Bread meat (1 piece)

【Dim Sum Dessert】 Sesame fried dumplings (2 ~) Chinese style Castella (2 ~)

【Dessert】 Mango Pudding / Black sesame seeds / Annin tofu

Tapioca Coconut Milk / Aloe Jelly / Lemon Jelly

Niigata Food Fair Menu 10 items

※ Since it cooks after receiving your order, it will take a while until completion.You can place your order as many times as you like, but you can order 6 times per order.

※ Please take your cold dessert at the dessert corner.

※ We are committed to preparing the product, but please forgive in case of sold out.

All-you-can-drink menu

- Draft beer / bottled beer
- Barley shochu / shochu
Sour / cocktail
· Cassis Base / Peach Base / Oolong High
Fruit sour
· Kanaka grapefruit / Katsura flower soda / Anno sake sour / Sake sake rock / litchi liquor / giant peak orange / lemon sour / white peach sour / banana sour / plum wine sour etc.
Red / white
Single / Double
· Japanese sake / Chinese sake
· Japanese sake / 5 years sake / Kanehara Chen
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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