[Unlimited time with all you can drink] all-you-can-eat 138 dishes + with shark's fin |! Banquets and parties to ♪ 6080 yen ⇒5000 yen
5000 Yen

Tax not included

One per person shark fin to the all-you-can-eat!


[Shark fin] one to one person!

[Appetizer] 15 kinds

[Seafood] 20 types

[Meat] 20 types

[Tofu and vegetables] 12 types

[Soup Okoge noodles] 12 types

[Rice class] 12 kinds

[Dim Sum] 24 types

[Dim sum dessert] five

[Dessert] eight

[Limited] Niigata food fair menu 10 dishes

It takes little time to ready because you cooked from receiving your order ※.Your order can be any number of times, but one order will be up to 6 goods.

Please take your cold dessert is served in the dessert corner ※.

※ preparation of commodity we expect perfection, but in the case of sold out please forgive.