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Offers a selection of 85 dishes! Affordable is the all-you-can-eat course ◎ further children 1,380 yen deals! 300 yen OFF is 6 years old to 11 years old! 3 years to 5 years of age is less than 840 yen! 3-year-old 1,000 yen OFF what is free !!


[Proud of gem] Peking duck, stir-fried shredded of Peking duck meat, char-grilled pork

[Appetizer] pungency of gizzards tossed / vegetables of sweet and sour pickled / steamed chicken of cold / bangbang chicken

Of pig ear cold / Pitan (salted duck eggs) / kimchi / pickles

[Seafood] shrimp mayonnaise tossed / shrimp and egg fried / squid chili sauce simmered

Of squid and mustard fried / squid specialty Negisosu cliff / white fish of lemon sauce / white fish of sweet and sour cliff

[Meat] of pork and garlic buds fried / Rebanira fried / pig rose corner of meat boiled (steamed bread)

Sweet and sour pork / pork and cabbage miso fried / sesame seeds young Deep-fried chicken

Sichuan-style stir-fried / of chicken and cashew nuts fried in lemon sauce / gizzards of chicken

[Tofu and vegetables] Sichuan-style Mabo Dorff / ordinary Mabo Dorff

Mabonasu / Gomoku of stir-fried vegetables / seasonal stir-fried vegetables

[Soup Okoge noodles] crab meat containing shark fin soup / shark fin soup

Corn soup / Tantanmen / pork Men / One end face

[Rice such] Mabo tofu over fried rice / Gomoku fried rice / subgum sauce chow mein

Pork boiled rice / Gomoku sauce rice / Pitan porridge / adductor muscle containing porridge

[Dim Sum] pork dumplings (two to) shrimp dumplings (two to) grilled bar dumplings (2 to)

Spring rolls (2 to) Shandong Feng dumplings (four ~) soup-filled dumplings (three to) buns (one to)

[Dim sum dessert] sesame fried dumplings (two to) Chinese style sponge cake (two to)

[Dessert] mango pudding / black Gomapurin / An'nin tofu

Tapioca coconut milk / aloe jelly / lemon jelly

Niigata food fair menu 10 dishes

It takes little time to ready because you cooked from receiving your order ※.Your order can be any number of times, but one order will be up to 6 goods.

Please take your cold dessert is served in the dessert corner ※.

※ preparation of commodity we expect perfection, but in the case of sold out please forgive.

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